This time I mean more diets.


What would really make me happy this year is to finally fit back into my skinny jeans… says every 50 year old mother.   After birthing 3 children and many failed attempts at losing weight, I seemed destined to the…tuck your fat into your pants method of losing belly fat. This was not in what to expect when expecting!

I have tried every diet on the planet… vegan, paleo, weight watchers, atkins, nutritionists, nothing sticks.  With all the advancements in science why the heck is this so complicated.  A friend suggested I not diet and try the don’t worry about it method. It worked wonders for her and she swore it would work for me.   Ten pounds later I decided this was not a good diet for me.  Obviously her 30 something everything you want body was much different than mine.  Then I tried another sure fire tried and true protein diet.   After a brief weigh in and initiation I left with a weeks-worth of packaged food and a follow up appointment.  What’s this on the package…a 5-year shelf life? What are all these chemicals and sugar sounding ingredients in here?  Who cares right? It works!!  Five weeks and a bunch of rice crispy treats and protein chips later, I was back in my skinny jeans.  So what if my cholesterol shot thru the roof and I was eating astronaut food…I was skinny again. 

Flash forward a month, shocking, I gained back all my weight. Why does this always happen?! They say as you age your metabolism slows down which I realized is just a scientific way of saying, I don’t give a damn anymore. I have 3 kids, a loving husband, amazing friends and a budding career…. You know what, I’ll just tuck in my tummy and enjoy.

Eat, Laugh and Love… that is my new journey! 

Felicia Madison