Pre F***king Season

Pre f***king Season

Preseason…I mean really.  Pre season for high schools sports!!  Why do high school athletes need a pre season?  Maybe if our kids were from Florida or somewhere where they could play sports all year round competitively it would make sense…but…we live in New York.  Are any of our kids going to play professional sports?  I don’t think any will even qualify to play college level sports.

Kids these days work so hard in school to keep up and get ahead, they hardly have the time to concentrate on a sport professionally.  And lets face it, if they are serious about a sport they are not solely playing on the high school team.  Travel teams are where it is at, which is an around the clock all year round activity…that will be a musing of its own—stay tuned.

But pre—f***king season!  Every parent I know hates it!  Some parents consider disowning their children for a few weeks because of it.  Some refuse to let their children play a fall sport because of it.  

So lets examine this closely.  Kids have their summer programs, camp, jobs, and travel…whatever it is kids do all summer.  Parents work all summer.  Now the end of summer nears, time to relax and enjoy your family before the hustle and bustle of school….. but NO… this cannot be.  No!!  Our children, since they play a fall sport need to spend their last two precious weeks of summer in the city for pre f**king season.

Rumor has it that the children need to have a certain amount of conditioning under their belt before they can play a sport…to protect themselves.  I have even heard it is a state law.  But… what does that say about spring or winter season…there is no pre season for those.  Schools don’t make the kids spend their two weeks of break preparing…please don’t get any ideas.

Getting in condition for fall sports…Pre season usually consists of 2 hours of practice a day.  These kids would get more exercise if they were on vacation somewhere or at the beach.  What do they suppose they will do the rest of the day stuck in this microwaved concrete jungle?  Usually left home alone, it is nothing but trouble for these kids.

Come on athletic departments get real!  Our kids are in the exercise generation, playing highly competitive sports, they do more athletic activity than probably their parents, and both sets of grandparents combined ever did.  It is time to reexamine this ridiculous policy…and while you are at it lets reexamine the PE requirements as well.   Let’s occupy pre f***king season. 

Felicia Madison