Dress Code--Do they even make a skirt that a teen would actually wear that is two inches above the knee?

Back to School Dress Code


Since my children are past the days of uniforms, I won’t even get started on that topic.  Trust me though; I have a lot to say on it.  Instead lets talk dress code?!

Finally, my kids are out of uniform skirts and Lands’ End shorts.  Now it is time to venture into the real stores, and real clothes…. or is it?  For a teenage girl is a short or skirt two inches above the knee really an option?  Do they even make a skirt that a teen would actually wear that is two inches above the knee?  The answer is NO!!! Let’s just call a spade a spade and say…no skirts or shorts at school for girls.

No leggings allowed, are you kidding me!!!  Let’s just take a step back here… athletic leggings are almost as popular these days as jeans.  Athleisure clothing, a category now in and of itself, is a billion dollar empire.  Adults are wearing them all day long, the concept, even to work.  So why? Why cannot our children wear this very comfortable item of clothing to school?  They are too tight? Are they tighter than jeans?  Is the tight clothing too much of a distraction for teenage boys that our girls have to be uncomfortable as a result. 

I have a very radical idea.  Why don’t we let our girls wear revealing clothes in middle school so young boys everywhere can get used to them in short skirts and tight leggings.  SO, when these boys grow up to become CEO’s, or have a female CEO to report to,  they have learned how to handle themselves appropriately with pretty, smart, scantily clad, if they want, women.   Do we teach our boys at a young age that the way you dress suggests your sexual promiscuity?  If my daughter wears a short skirt a boy cannot concentrate?  If short skirts are promiscuous why are clothing companies manufacturing them for children?  Are women that wear short skirts promiscuous? Do we think boys are really unable to control themselves? Do we really think it will be the sole reason for distracting them?   Just some provocative and hopefully funny food for thought, don’t go sending me hate mail now feminists.

No sweatpants?!!  Okay I have nothing to even say about that …it is just ludicrous.

Open challenge to principals everywhere enforcing dress code…find me a pair of stylish shorts or a skirt that is two inches above the knee or mid thigh that my teenage daughter will wear.  Let’s get real and comfortable!!



Felicia Madison