Visiting Day

Oh what I would pay to get rid of visiting day.   No one likes visiting day, not the kids, the parents or the counselors. 

Preparing for visiting day. Be sure to have the following:

·      Lots of candy and junk

·      Guilty gifts (not sure why we feel guilty but we do)

·      Color war junk, lots of it so not to be outdone

·      Bunk gifts, which are not allowed but everyone gives anyway

·      Her charged iphone so she can get her fix and update her social media

·      Reservation for shoddy overpriced hotel you had to book the day you left last year.

·      Travel plans, car, plane, or charter.  Either way it is a pain.

·      More junk, candy and food that could not possibly be consumed in 3 weeks.

Be sure to arrive insanely early.  You do not want to be late and have your child be the only one standing in the middle of the field without a parent.  Then....Hugs, happiness, tears lots of pictures…. Can we go home now.   NO!!!

One can only hope that the weather is amenable.  Too hot and you will drag around all day, too cold is miserable and god forbid the worst…RAIN!!

Either way mid day, the dads have assumed the position.   The position is them sound asleep on their child’s bed.  The mother assumes her position.... Cleaning, folding, organizing and making sure everything is in order.  Siblings go about their day the usual way, whining, complaining, and vying for attention.

Then after trudging thru an entire day of activities, which by most accounts are totally boring,  it is time for the long goodbye.  Sometimes there are tears, sometimes just holding on, and if you are lucky you will soon find yourself walking like a zombie to your car…completely spent and emotionally numb.  You are one of the lucky ones if you do not have to go back the next day to pick up an over exhausted younger sibling from her rookie day. 

The only good news is you have two weeks to recoup before they come home for good.  Which brings me to the next post, how to fumigate the trunk and the hair.  Happy Visiting Day all!

Felicia Madison