Camp + Kids

I live in Manhattan, my kids go to school in Manhattan….it is a daily grind. Work hard, play hard, concrete, traffic, stress!!! And on top of all of that, I have to maintain a happy family lifestyle with my kids and my husband. It is hard…very, very hard. Do your homework, get up in the morning, hurry, hurry why aren’t you ready for your class, what are you signing up for, why aren’t you curing cancer yet…stress, stress, stress. Oh but how I look forward to the restful, carefree days of summer in our lovely house outside the city.  Space, fresh air, pool, beach, nothing to do but relax and enjoy, NO WAY! We cannot subject our kids to such torture. We need to send them away to a place where there are no luxuries and no rest. To camp they must go. After all why should I be able to enjoy our kids when they are at their most pleasurable selves, relaxed and joyful, that would be too easy. So off they go to a very expensive camp far, far away to live in the woods, the sticks, the bunks with no, I mean no electronics. Well maybe there is one good thing about camp. They do love it… pure simple fun! And although I pretend to be teary eyed the day they leave, it is heaven and fun for me until…..color war teams are announced!! Oh the flurry, the fighting in stores, the stress to find the best color war gear for our children. Competitive juices flow, peacock tails spread, I will not let our children down. Yes I feel so guilty for not letting them stay with me that I have to go over the top to spend more and more money on them. Blue shirt, blue bow, blue hats, blue with their camp name ironed on, custom this custom that… hundreds and hundreds of dollars on junk!!  All of this for a camp that takes great pains with their strict uniform guidelines. Uniformity is the equalizer yes…until color war. Then, it's all fair in love and war. Alas, the first package goes out and I can breathe a sigh of relief. I survived, I conquered. I sent out one freakin' amazing box. I hope they like it. Now I can relax, at least until VISITING DAY!!!  Aaargh!

Tony Howell