How have I tried to stay in shape… let me count the ways.  

From aerobics to running to spinning to elliptical and now pilates and yoga of late, I have tried every which way to stay in shape.  If I had put my feet or bike on the road instead of a machine, I could have travelled the world by now.  

I did not diet. Exercise was my diet. My body is now failing me and my metabolism is at such a slow speed I think it has stopped. This of course has caused mild stress and discomfort, as my pants are uncomfortably tight.  

My newest passion is laughter. I am doing standup and I want to bring the benefits of a good belly laugh to as many of my friends as possible. It has been said that laughter is as good for the body as exercise. So why not combine the two into the best exercise class of them all…laughtercise, or laughercise.  

Laughter has been proven to reduce stress, change hormone levels, tone your abs, boost t cells, increase endorphins and improve ones outlook in life in general. It has also been said that the effects of laughter in a group with the support of your friends is even better. With this in mind, I am launching my laughing lunches, which brings local comedians and stressed out dieting moms together. Once a month, to start, I will host a luncheon at a local restaurant and have about an hour to hour and a half of comedy. What a better way to improve your health, your friendship and your lives!!  

Be on the lookout for the TGIM… the kids are in school… laughercise class. Laughter burns 50 calories per hour and tones the abs just as effectively as a sit up. No excuses… I promise to laugh your ass off!!

Tony Howell