Twas the night before the election—Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Knock knock...Whose there...Orange....Orange who

Orange you glad I didn’t tell a Trump joke.

What I look forward to more than the first female president, is the return of valuable news on television, and Facebook.  It has been quite a year of name calling, accusations, and abusive and misogynistic behavior. On top of all of this we have also had to endure horrific fashion, hair and makeup. I am sick of it!!!  It is time…it is time to move on.

Of course, I am hopeful that good will prevail over evil. 

I do know that despite what both sides have said or believe, both candidates are flawed.  But is anyone perfect? Besides me of course!    Human beings are flawed.  However, what makes humans quite unique is our ability to forgive.  The comeback kid, second chances…they are all part of the America Dream.  We are the land of opportunity and redemption.  Just look at Brian Williams, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Britney Spears, Anthony Weiner..ok maybe not him, and of course, Hillary Clinton.

I hope that after this election we can all, and that includes you Mr. Trump, forgive, forget and move on so that we can heal and go back on Facebook without fear of being attacked for our personal beliefs.

After tomorrow, I will relish in the fact that I was a part of history.  I was here to vote in this historical and painful election.   

I am not sorry, mad or angry that Trump ran.  Freedom of expression and speech is what we fight for.  I am proud that in this country it is possible for anyone, Bernie, Ronnie, Kanye, to rally people around their beliefs and run for president.  I am also proud and thankful that in the end, America knows right from wrong. 

Felicia Madison